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About Beyond 6 Strings

Beyond 6 Strings is a new show presenting reinterpretations of your favourite Classic Rock songs and
originals played by Brian Doran on instruments that you may not have seen before including the 20-
String Harp Guitar, The Hydra, The Fusion 8-String, 12-String Guitar, Mandolin, Sitar, Triller, Ebow and
more that feature classic songs performed by The Beatles, Stones, Floyd, Zeppelin, Queen, Genesis,
Bowie etc.

Feedback from livestream viewers

"You’re phenomenal“ - Robin Bibi Virtuoso Blues Guitarist. (UK)

“You inspire young & old musicians on Beyond 6 Strings” - Donald Blanton Jr. Guitarist (U.S.A.)

“Quel virtuose et un talentueux guitariste Brian” Nacer. (France)

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